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Frequently Asked Questions



Q - Can I participate in auctions without registering?

A - You are free to view items but you cannot place or bid on an item until you are registered.  You can answer Wanted Ads without registering.

Q - How much does it cost to register?

A - Registration is free.  When you initially register, you will receive a $5.00 credit that can be applied to any future fees or commissions.  It cannot be used to purchase an item and cannot be refunded.

Q - Can I stay "logged on" after entering my registration information?

A - We will save your alias and password on our computer for the duration of your session or until you logoff.  If you are on a public system or intend to leave your system unattended, you should logoff before leaving it. 


Q - How much does it cost the buyer?

A - There are NO costs for the buyer.  You can browse the auction, bid, and purchase items without any charges.  The only exception is potential third party charges for credit card usage and international currency conversion.  For example, if you live outside of the United States and purchase an item using an online payment service and a credit card, the service  may charge you a fee.

Q - How much does it cost the seller?  

A - A small fee is charged for placing an item up for sale or auction.  Additional fees may apply for some optional features.  If the item is sold, a small commission is charged.  Please refer to the User Agreement for details.  There are no charges for placing or answering a Wanted Ad.

Q - Can I use a credit card?  

A - YES. We accept payments through PayPal. You can use most credit cards at PayPal to pay Auction fees and commissions.  PayPal and credit card payments are optional with sellers.  Please refer to the item description to determine payment methods accepted.

Q - Do you accept international Payments?  

A - The Auctions list all items as well as fees and commissions in US Dollars.  However, if PayPal is used, you can make payments in most international currencies.  PayPal may charge for currency conversion.


Q - Is the auction application software available for purchase?  

A - YES. You can have a web site just like this one for a fraction of the cost of other packages and for a limited time, we are offering this powerful yet simple to use software with 100% Master Resell Rights! This means, not only do you own the software, you also own the rights to it. You keep 100% of the profits you make. You also have the ability to resell the rights to others as well and also keep ALL the profits. Look for DeltaPlus Auctions in our Software Category.

Q - What is the difference between E-Z Auction 1.8 and DeltaPlus Auctions 2.0?  

A - First, the organization is a little different - the package is smaller and it  implements libraries and a separate configuration file.  Version 2.0 also adds several features that were not available in 1.8:

  • Separate configuration module - Easier and safer to edit
  • Starts with a "standard" index.shtml
  • Larger and more extensive help htm files
  • More, easy to expand categories
  • A more consistent appearance
  • Incremental bidding on behalf of a buyer
  • Upload and hosting of item images
  • Automatic fees and commissions
  • Interface to PayPal
  • Ability to separately identify shipping, handling, and insurance charges
  • My account page for the user to manage their account
  • Improved feedback
  • Cookies to keep track of a login alias and password
  • Automatic repost of an item
  • Administrator page to help manage users and their auction items

    - View a users account or feedback

    - Credit an account

    - Delete a user

    - Prohibit a user or email address from registering

    - Login as a specific user

    - Verify a user's list of items are current

  • Early item close by Administrator
  • Downloads Manager 

    - Upload software

    - Assign one or more uploads to an auction item.

    - Selectively enable others to access your uploads.  

    - If you accept PayPal, automatically enable downloads after payment.

  • Bulletin Board
  • Pop Under ad for auction software
  • Ability to refuse or withdraw a bid
  • Item viewed "speedometer"
  • Comes with a free visitor counter
  • Bid withdrawal and refusal

Auction Administrator

Q - How do I end an auction item early 

A - If you are logged on as the Auction Administrator and are viewing an item, an [End Item Early] option will appear at the top of the screen.  Click on the button and follow the directions.  You can explain why the item was closed, honor or remove existing bids, and  allow reposting or delete the item.

Q - How do I Remove a User 

A - If you are logged on as the Auction Administrator and are on the My Account screen, go to the bottom and select the user Alias you want to remove.  Then select either Delete Alias or Prohibit Alias function and click on [CONTINUE].  If you selected Delete, the account will be deleted (moved to the Trash Bin) and the user is allowed to register again using the same alias and/or email address.  If you select prohibit, the alias and email address are recorded in the prohibited database.  New registrations are not allowed to use a prohibited alias or email address

Q - How do I Credit a User 

A - If you are logged on as the Auction Administrator and are on the My Account screen, go to the bottom and select the user Alias you want to credit.  Then select Credit Account, enter the amount to credit,  and click on [CONTINUE].  You can then use the Account Detail function to verify the credit has been properly assigned.




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