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Posting an Item

You must first be registered in order to post an item in the Classified Section, a Wanted Ad, or an item for Auction.  You can register by clicking on at the top of the page.  Once you are registered and logged in using the  button, should appear at the top of the page.  Press the Post button to begin the Item Posting Process.

Type & Category

First, decide the type of listing you want and the major category it should be placed in.

  • Auction - You set a starting price and the number of days for bidding and then sell to the highest bidder at the end.
  • Classified - This is similar to an auction but the first bidder that meets your price wins.
  • Wanted - If you are looking for a specific item, describe it here along with what you are willing to pay.  Potential sellers will contact you via email with an offer.

Once you have selected a type and major category, you must select the sub-category for your item.  You can only place your item in one category unless you have multiple items that can be listed separately - if you list in more than one category, you must have more than one item.  When your category selection is complete fill out the details for your posting:


Enter a short description of your item in thirty characters or less.  HTML coding is not permitted in titles.


If you have an image of your item that can be accessed via the Internet, you can enter its URL (address) and it will be displayed along with your other item information.  If you would like the Auction to host your image, you must first use FTP to upload it to our image site. Press to open the FTP window.  When the upload is complete, you can close the FTP window and return to the POST function.  Press your browser's Refresh button and a list of files you uploaded should appear.

Days to Close

Enter the number of days to list your item.  The item will be removed after this amount of time if it is still listed.  If it's an auction, the seller and highest bidder will be notified via email.  It is your responsibility to respond and confirm the sale or purchase within 24 hours of its closing.


If you have several identical items or just want to automatically repost your item in the event no bids were placed or your reserve price was not met, enter the number of times to automatically repost your item(s) and select to unconditionally repost or repost only if the item was not sold.  Remember, if the item is reposted, you may be charged additional posting fees.

Shipping and Payment

If your item is up for bid or is classified, you should also select a preferred shipping method and the type or types of payment you will accept.  If this is a Pick-Up item, be sure to enter its location.  ZIP code is recommended.


You should give a good description of your item including where it's located, condition, and any other information that can help the viewer.  HTML is permitted here.  for example <p> and </p> indicate the beginning and ending of a paragraph.  For bold, enclose the word or phrase with <b> and </b>.  Any other valid HTML can also be entered -no "links" please.  You may want to edit your description with your favorite HTML page editor and then copy everything between <body> and </body> to the description box.

Alias & Password

If you are not already logged in, enter your registered ID and Password.  You cannot place an item unless you have a valid registered ID (Alias, Handle) and Password.


Depending on the type of listing, you need to enter one or more prices:


Starting Bid

This is the minimum starting bid for your item.  It is not necessarily the minimum price you will accept. See Reserve Price below.

Reserve Price

You do not have to sell unless this minimum price is met.  Your reserve price is hidden from view until it is met or exceeded.

Bid Increment

You can specify the minimum bid increment.  The default is $1.00 but you can increase or decrease the value to better fit your item.

Buy it Now

If you have a price you are willing to accept prior to the first bid (or bidding reaching your Reserve Price), you can enter it as the Buy it Now price.  This option will disappear as soon as any bid exceeds your Reserve Price.

For example, if you have an item that you want at least $5.00 for but would like to get $10.00, you can:

  1. Set the Starting bid = 1.00
  2. Set a Reserve Price = 5.00
  3. Set a Buy it Now = 10.00

If someone pays your Buy it Now price, the listing ends immediately and both parties are notified via email.

If bidding does not reach 5.00, you are not committed to sell. 

The Buy it Now option will end after any bid reaches your reserve price of 5.00 or more - you are committed to sell at any price equal to or exceeding your reserve price of 5.00.


Selling price

The price you are willing to sell.  The first person willing to pay your price will close the entry and the buyer and seller will be notified.  If you are selling a service or similar item, enter the minimum price the buyer can expect and explain in your description.  For example:    

  • Lawn service at $155.00 per month - Enter $155.00 as the selling price and  indicate "per month" in your description. 
  • Lawn service at $55.00 per cut - Enter $55.00 as the selling price and  indicate "per cut " in your description.  If you have a maximum lot size for this price (i.e. 100x100, 10,000 sq. feet, or 1/4 acre) be sure to clarify in your description.
  • Bush Hog service at $99.00 per acre - Enter $99.00 as the selling price and  indicate "per acre" in your description.  If you have potential additional charges such as damage caused by hidden debris, flat tires, sink holes, etc.; be sure to specify in your description. (i.e. Buyer is responsible for all damages to equipment caused by unseen debris unless agreed otherwise.)
  • Home cleaning for $18.00 per hour - Enter $18.00 as the selling price and  indicate "per hour" in your description.   If you have other charges such as cleaning supplies, please specify in your description.
  • Trash pickup at $20.00 per ton with a four ton minimum - Enter $80.00 as the selling price (the minimum charge the buyer can expect) and  indicate the charge includes the first four tons and each additional ton is billed at $20.00  in your description.  
  • Visiting vet. service at $50.00 for the first animal and $24.00 each additional - Enter $50.00 as the selling price and explain your additional charges in the description including charges for medications or other materials.
  • Concrete pumping at $100.00 per hour with a $200.00 travel and setup charge - Enter $300.00 as the selling price (the minimum charge the buyer can expect).  In the description explain that the charge includes the first hour and additional pumping will be charged at $100.00 per hour.  If you have special requirements such as water or a "cleanout area", be sure to note them in the description.

In all cases, the Auction Commission will be a one time charge based on your posted Selling Price - please do not abuse it.


Max Price

The maximum you are willing to pay.  Sellers that have your item can email you and make an offer.  Wanted items remain posted until Days to Close expires - one or more sellers may contact you during this period.

Installing and Enabling an Item for Download

Upload Files and Assign Ownership

Go to the Downloads Manager section of and press .  An FTP window should open to allow you to upload the files you want to enable for download.  Upload your files, close the FTP window and then press your browsers Refresh button on the My Account window.  A list box containing the names of the files you uploaded should appear.

Once uploaded, select one of the files in the list and click on Install Item For Download.  This will move the file from the FTP folder to a hidden folder and assign ownership to you.  Repeat this process for each file you uploaded.

Assign Files to a Download Item

First, you must select Download as the shipping option when you initially post your item.  Go to the Downloads Manager if you are not already there.  Here you can associate files and or a URL with a posted download item.  Select the Title of the item from the drop down list and click on Edit Content.  The current URL and downloadable files will be listed along with other options.  To add a file, select it from the Add File drop down list and press UPDATE.  You can repeat this until all of your files are added.

You can also enter the URL of a site that can be accessed for download.  Please use a fully qualified path including a user and password if necessary.  For example

If you want to remove a file from the download list, simply select REMOVE from the CHANGE TO: drop down list and click UPDATE.  Similarly, you can replace an existing file with another by selecting the new name in the CHANGE TO list and clicking on UPDATE.  When you are all done, click on to return to the Downloads Manager.

Enabling a User to Download Your Item

If you have enabled PayPal and the buyer uses it, download will automatically be enabled after payment is acknowledged.  If another payment method is used you must manually enable the download.  To enable a user to download the files associated with a specific item, go to the Downloads Manager section of and enter the User Alias.  Then, select the Title of the item from the drop down list and press the Enable Download For button.


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