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Real Estate

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Welcome to our real estate listing service. This service is primarily for those living in the Palm Beach Loxahatchee area but is open to anyone anywhere. If you have a property for rent, lease, or sale you are welcome to list it here. There is no charge for listing a property and there are currently no time limits on how long it can remain listed. Sales charges (normally $100) are currently waived until we are established and work out our site details. Please read our User Agreement by clicking here.

You must be registered in order to make a listing. If you are not already registered, please click here. Registration is free. Once registered, sign in, click on NEW LISTING and submit the form. It is easy and, for now, it is free! And, you can optionally include pictures and a slideshow with your listing.

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123 Wonderful St
$765,000 Sale
179 Visits

Lots of dough Lease
103 Visits

Irene 1999
Priceless Sale
144 Visits

OGEM Roads
Millions Sale
58 Visits

1234 Rental
76 Visits

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