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Real Estate

Important Links

  • Business Regulation - If you are dealing with a real estate agent you can check their license status as well as their complaint history.
  • Civil Records - Check the civil record of the person you are dealing with. Evictions, foreclosures, lawsuits, etc.
  • Forclosures - Check the forclosure status of a property. You can see the number and general location of (pre)forclosures in an area. You will need to register with the site to get specific information. Seven day trial membership is free but continued use is $39.80 per month.
  • Insurance Coverage - Make sure you have enough insurance coverage to rebuild your home in the event of a disasterous loss. There is a $7.95 fee for this service.
    You can also get a good idea of required insurance by multiplying the square footage of your house by $80. For example, if the total square footage of your house is 2400, you should carry about $200,000 in property insurance and 1/2 or $100,000 in content insurance. If you would like us to calculate a value for your property, enter the square footage of your property here and then click on
  • PAPAS - Verify who owns the property you are looking at and its legal description.
  • Rental Price - Find the average price for rental property similar to yours in your neighborhood.
  • Sex Offender - Search the sex offender database.

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